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Welcome to "Rotation UK Radio", The home of international music, playing the very best in 70s & Classic  Reggae, Soul, Gospel, Hip Hop,

Soca & so much more....

Welcome to Rotation UK Radio, "The home of worldwide music", at Rotation UK radio we endeavour to provide you with News, Reviews, Interviews and of course great music, our aim is to keep you informed, updated & entertained while on the go!!

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Sunday 12am: Soul

Sunday 2am: Lovers Rock

Sunday 4am: Neo Soul

Sunday 6am: Gospel (Praise & Worship)

Sunday 10am: Classic Soul 70s

Sunday 12pm: Pastors Sermon

Sunday 2pm: Gospel Various Selections

Sunday 4pm: DJ QC Quiet Storm Gospel Show

Sunday 6pm: DJ Zorro Street Flava Gospel Show

Sunday 8pm: Mr Harry Real Authentic Show

Sunday 10pm: DJ Proclaima Soulcure Gospel Radio Show

Monday 12am: Neo Soul 2 Selection

Monday 2am: 80s Classics

Monday 4am: Lovers Rock

Monday 6am: Soul Selection

Monday 8am: Classic 70s Soul

Monday 10am: Vocal Reggae Selection

Monday 12pm: 80s Reggae Selection

Monday 2pm: Rockers Revival

Monday 4pm: Soul & Hip Hop Selection

Monday 6pm: Grime & Hardcore

Monday 8pm: Vocal Reggae

Monday 10pm: Revival Selection

Tuesday 12am: Rare Grooves Selection

Tuesday 4am: Vocal Reggae Selection

Tuesday 6am: Revival Selection

Tuesday 8am: RUKR Playlist

Tuesday 10am: 80s & 90s Classics

Tuesday 12pm: RUKR Playlist

Tuesday 2pm: Neo Soul

Tuesday 4pm: Vocal Reggae

Tuesday 6pm: Grime & Hardcore

Tuesday 8pm: 90s Classics

Tuesday 10pm: Soul Selection

Wedsneday 12am: Neo Soul Selection

Wednesday 2am: Revival Rockers Selection

Wednesday 4am: Rare Grooves Selection

Wednesday 6am: Lovers Rock Selection

Wednesday 8am: 70s Soul Selection

Wednesday 10am: Vocal Reggae Selection

Wednesday 12pm: Revival Rockers Selection

Wednesday 2pm: R&B Selection

Wednesday 4pm: Ragga Selection

Wednesday 6pm: 90s Classics Selection

Wednesday 8pm: Grime & Hardcore

Wednesday 10pm: Revival Selection

Thursday 12am: Vocal Reggae

Thursday 2am: Rare Grooves

Thursday 4am: Neo Soul

Thursday 6am: 70s Classics

Thursday 8am: Rockers Revival

Thursday 10am: Vocal Reggae

Thursday 12pm: 80s Reggae

Thursday 2pm: House Selection

Thursday 4pm: RUKR Playlist

Thursday 6pm: RUKR Playlist

Thursday 8pm: Soul Selection

Thursday 10pm: Revival Selection

Friday 12am: Lovers Rock

Friday 2am: Funky Grooves

Friday 4am: Revival Selection

Friday 6am: Brotha Charles

Friday 10am: Neo Soul

Friday 12pm: Vocal Reggae

Friday 2pm: RUKR Playlist

Friday 4pm: RUKR Playlist

Friday 6pm: Vocal Reggae

Friday 8pm: DJ Scripturez Triple H Mix Show

Friday 10pm: DJ Proclaima Soulcure Radio Show

Saturday 12am: Vocal Reggae

Saturday 2am: DJ Jazzy Jeff

Saturday 4am: Revival Selection

Saturday 6am: Rare Grooves Selection

Saturday 8am: Vocal Reggae

Saturday 10am: RUKR Playlist

Saturday 12pm: RUKR Playlist

Saturday 2pm: Hip Hop & Commercial Hip Hop

Saturday 4pm: Vocal Reggae

Saturday 6pm: Neo Soul

Saturday 8pm: Grime & Hardcore

Saturday 10pm: Rare Grooves Selection